The Great Reset

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The Great Reset is a real thing in the sense that the world leaders are planning this, its not a conspiracy, its in the open.

Its basically a plan of the new world order. WEF is involved in this[1].

The great reset is the plan to restart the world economy. Its not a plan that God is behind but these people that are behind this plan believe that they are like gods and they are not believers in the real God Jehovah.

Jehovah will use them for his purposes and their plan will not work out as they expected.

To understand the future of humanity instead read your king james bible.

The new world order is really a new world disorder. They cannot create order because God is not with them. Dont be fooled by these fools and knuckleheads.

So are they all wrong? No I believe that a financial collapse is coming. Maybe in the winter 2022-2023 for example. Also we are in the beginning of sorrows, famine is part of it.

Looking at end times it seems people will be fighting with roman era weapons suggesting that technology will not be working. So these high tech wannabe gods are going to fail.

But we dont know the timing of all this. So its difficult to know if the WEF will have a period with its agenda before the end times really starts.


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