Localchurch danger

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What are the problem with the local churches for a believer.

Well basically its that they claim to have something to do with God and also want to be in charge of the believers.

Basically when a believer is born from above he wants to meet other believers and he goes to the local church because it says in his bible that their exist local congregations of believers in the cities. We can see that in the new testament Pauline epistles with for example the church at Corinth and the church at Ephesus etc.

So they go to the church and expect to meet genuine honest true believers. People born of God, sheep. They expect to find a new family here on earth in the local church. What a surprise they are going to get.

In the church you will find people who are not born again, but not only that they are utterly evil and to real harm to the true sheep. They despise people who are friendly and only really try to promote themselves in the church. Gaining status and ground in the church.

You as a new sheep, a born again believer, will be deceived by people who claim to be representatives of Christ.

All basically that they are after is money or free labor. That is they want your cash or they want to you work for free for them.

If you don't comply to their wishes they try to utterly destroy you. They do no murder you physically but they practice character assassination, use ruling techniques, false accusations and can even falsely accuse you to the cops. Church is as deadly as cyanide.

What i discovered was that it would have been better if I had never entered a church in my life.

Its like small popes basically. They use a false bible, the modern version bibles from Alexandria. They are basically well described as the Alexandrian cult.

They have no final authority like a king james bible have. But rather they are their own final authority. They are not trust able. Not even when they are nice. They try to curse you in secret, plotting against you without informing you of their ill intent towards you.

But most importantly they are false accusers and base their evil harmful manner on their own opinion, just like small popes. As if they were in charge or the truth.

Some of them fit with Jesus description of the pharisees in Mt 23 that travel sea and land to make one proselyte twice hell bound themselves.

Basically to them you are just someone to use and abuse and then to throw out or cast to the wolves once they are finished chewing on you.

Wolves in sheep clothing, wizards, sorcerers, bitch-craft, bitches in charge of churches, false accusers in charge of churches. The depth of the iniquity in these buildings, the local churches, is as deep as the godliness as they claim to have.

These are apostates, or unregenerate or simply lost people that have decided to put on a Jesus suit.

You go to the local churches and you are in Babylon. Daniel was in Babylon but he was not there voluntary, he was imprisoned. If you go to the local churches voluntarily you are to blame yourself aren't you. No one is forcing you. Nobody is saying you will not be able to pay the rent unless you go to the church. Nobody is kidnapping you and dragging you to the church in hand cuffs.

People who go to the local churches are either lost or deceived.

If you feel that you don't want to go their then trust the spirit in you, the holy ghost telling you not to go there. Don't try to be nice and get along and think that there is something wrong with you, or you might receive of their blows.