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This site has an onion Tor address :


The above internet address works with the Tor browser. The advantage with it is that it is not dependent on the domain registrar. Its possible that the United Nations will eventually take down my domains[1] but they cannot take down the onion tor address. You can bookmark the onion address and browse this site by putting the onion address into the address bar of the Tor browser. In fact the most reliable way to access this site is via the Tor browser. So I recommend using the Tor browser and the onion address to surf this site.

This is the landing page of Haue Faith. You can try to access this site with the url and the url

Here is a link to the old haue faith wiki. I stopped updating this 20211207. It will remain up until 20230130, but I will not make any further updates on it.

Here are links to the new wiki,,,, This wiki is my active wiki, that is actively updated. This is the wiki that I plan to have in the future. Bookmark it!

Here is a link to the King James Bible.

Here is a link to the Karl 12 Bibeln.

Here is the ip address to this site[2]. You can use this if domain registrars takes down the domains, It will still work. You can bookmark it.

I have chat servers. If you want to chat or contact me or discuss something or just talk or for any reason you are welcome to join.

I can be reached at email address You can also reach me at Telegram


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