Babylon vs God

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The Babylonians are running the churches today, the EU churches. This is why its so dangerous for a disciple to go into the churches.

The authorities in the EU do the same as the Babylonians did in the bible. I believe that the EU is the roman empire restored so the church authorities which are part of the authorities in the EU are kind of part of the Babylonians of this era.

Goodness <------------------> Badness

God             Pub           Babylonians


It's my way or destruction. That is worse than both the pub and God because their way is not God's way. Their way is their way and they are at best broadroaders and at worst Antichrists. So doing what they say will make you sin and not doing what they say will make them try to physically destroy you.


Its my way or the highway. In a pub if you do something wrong they throw you out of the pub. But you might be going on living in the street. You might not be able to enter the pub again but they don't destroy you.


It's my way or destruction. This is ok because God is good and he is the only way that is good. When he says my way or destruction it is actually good because it is destruction for those who choose another way.