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The AV1611 is the king james bible, published in 1611.

As long as you have a king james bible you are basically right with the written word of God. The new king james is not worth reading neither are the other modern english version.

KJVONLYISM is the right way to go.

The problem with the original AV1611 published in 1611 is that it is in gothic blackletter script so it is difficult to read.

Fortinately a roman font exact reprint was made in 1833 of the first printing of the AV1611. This reprint is called the oxford 1833 reprint.

The king james bible that you will find if you buy one generally in a store is the AV1769. Some call it the Blayney KJV because it was edited by [Benjamin Blayney].

Bible commentaries are over rated.

The AV1611 has been added to this site.

I have also written a theological document.

Preachers and other books that I recommend.

I recommend that you read your king james bible.

The gospel of your salvation.

What about dictionaries.

Here is a link to the AV1611 chapter summaries.

Apart from reading the King James Bible it’s also good I think to know about Church History.

I actually read the 1769 KJV nowadays. This is the bible that I read daily.